One Year Later

Sun Apr 08 2018

It’s been about a year since I started working on this website. It’s unbelievable how much can change over the course of a year! Realistically speaking, I could have used WordPress - and I still consider it from time to time - but where would be the fun in that? Building up this website from scratch (and struggling through those problems) has given it a real soft place in my heart, as it’s something genuinely…mine.

Last year, I was still living in my college town, just making enough money to get by, and not very satisfied with my quality of life. There were plenty of times where I felt like giving up and succumbing to mediocrity - I was a college grad that was earning a regular paycheck, enough so that I was mostly financially independent from my parents. But I’m stubborn and knew I could accomplish more, so I started putting effort into self-improvement, focusing on getting regular exercise and improving my ability as a developer. This website more or less marks the beginning of my journey to where I am now.

In the upcoming year, I’m hoping to continue my self-improvement efforts, with a special focus on introspection and creative work. Writing has always been something I’m fond of, and I’d like to put more effort into exercising my creativity muscle.